Charlie P's Pub
Währinger Straße 3
1090 Vienna, Austria

Phone: +43 1 409 79 23

Opening hours

Updated Covid 19 Regulations at Charlie P's


Some updates on our Covid-19 regulations as of Thursday 1st July

Obviously things have opened up somewhat and we can all enjoy the pub they way it should be enjoyed. There are still a couple of things to pay attention to.



  • 3 G Rule for entry > Getestet, Genesen oder Geimpft (Tested*, Recovered or Vaccinated) *only certified PCR tests and certified Antigen tests accepted.
  • Disinfection fluid will be provided at the entrance and guests MUST use this before entering.
  • Guest Registration mandatory. To be done at entry.



  • All menus disinfected after every use
  • Weekly covid 19 testing for all staff members
  • Door handles and bannisters will be regularly disinfected
  • Hands disinfected every 30 minutes
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